Weekly Fire Service Icon Review- George D. Post

George D. Post

George D. Post was a long-time member of the ISFSI. He was a member of the Fire Department of New York, an illustrator for fire service publications, and a developer of instructional materials. Many consider him to be the father of visual training material used to train fire service personnel around the world.

Each year an instructor is recognized, With The George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award, for their continued commitment to furthering the cause of the fire service through training by going above and beyond the call of duty in training with creativity and innovation to fire training programs and shown great persistence as a positive model for other fire instructors and firefighters throughout the country.

The award is one of the most highly recognized awards in the fire service for a fire instructor, and recognizes individuals for extraordinary accomplishments in fire service training. The award is presented during FDIC in Indianapolis.

Past Winners of the award include:

1974 – Harvey Grant

1975 – Floyd “Bill” Nelson

1976 – George Shonske

1977 – Glen Boughton

1978 – Curt Holter

1979 – Milo Jacobs

1980 – Billy Harris

1981 – Matthew Jackson

1982 – Morton Shurtleff

1983 – Dr. Jeffery Mitchell, PhD

1984 – Ronald E. Moore

1985 – Julius Halas

1986 – Peter Duran

1987 – Christopher J. Naum

1988 – Michael Callen

1989 – Willa K. Little

1990 – Frank Schaper

1991 – Dennis Compton

1992 – Frank Docimo

1993 – David Ross

1994 – Kevin Coleman

1995 – Michael T. Reimer

1996 – Robert Fleming

1997 – David Dodson

1999 – Doug Cline

2000 – Francis Brannigan

2001 – Robert M. Linsinbigler, Jr.

2002 – Alan Brunacini

2003 – Mike Wieder

2004 – Billy Goldfeder

2005 – Jim Crawford

2006 – John Tippett

2007 – Forest Reeder

2009 – Daniel Madrzykowski

2010 – Robert Colameta, Jr.

2011 – Brian P. Kazmierzak

2012 – Anthony Avillo

2013 – Mark Emery
2014 – Steve Kerber

2015 – Eddie Buchanan

Note: We would like to acknowledge that much of the information was taken from multiple sources in the form of books, articles, and pictures. HERE, and HERE is where Information was taken.

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