9-24-15 Journal Entry- Engine Company Personnel Assignments Part 3

Engine Company Personnel Assignments Part 3

  • The manner in which a firefighter physically advances the hoseline may depend on the conditions encountered. There are several methods that can be used, each with their own advantages.
    • Crawling – This method is useful where heat conditions require a very low approach to the fire area.
    • Duck walking – This tactic is useful where rubble or debris which cannot be swept with the stream may cause injury or difficulty to the nozzle team. In housing projects or office buildings with concrete floors, duck walking keeps scalding water, a consequence of the fire attack, from absorbing into the bunker pants and burning firefighters knees.
    • Leg forward (or outstretched leg) – This method can be used where the integrity of the floor is in doubt. The outstretched leg is used to feel for holes in the floor before the full weight of the firefighter moves forward. Probing with the leg forward will also help the nozzle firefighter recognize the presence of descending stairs, ramps, or open shafts. This technique is recommended for commercial occupancies.

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