Mayday Monday- Mark Langvardt


MAYDAY MONDAY…Today we remember Mark Langvardt of the Denver, Colorado Fire Department. Anyone who has done any Mayday training knows the story of Mark. Here is a summary. On September 28, 1992, Mark responded with Truck 16. They found fire in several locations of a 2-story commercial printing business. During the search of the 2nd floor, Mark became separated from his partner and could not exit via the interior stairs. The Incident Commander saw a light shining out a window on the 2nd floor and sent a crew to go check on it. The crew found FF Langvardt unable to rescue himself in a very tight space with a high window sill. Crews repeatedly attempted to rescue Mark through the window. The rescue went on for almost an hour when finally a second plan of removal was tried. After 55 minutes, FF Langvardt was removed and transported to the hospital. He died from CO poisoning. Denver FD was devastated. Some of the lessons learned:

• Have a stand-by fresh rescue team. RIT’s were born.
• The stand-by team should develop several rescue plans.
• Removal techniques in confined spaces.
• Bring an air supply for member in trouble.

Now, it is time to practice the Denver Drill. Ready, go!!

Courtsey: DCFD


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