2-24-16 Run Down

Some Good Stuff Today…

1. 2″ hose, The Middle Child of The Fire Service

2. Thoughts on NFPA 1700

3.  1-Man Commercial Force

4. The 21st. Century Firefighters Office: The 3Cs


2-10-16 Journal Entry

Being the 200th Consecutive Day of Posting the Journal Entries, I decided to put them all in a Powerpoint to make it more convenient to train with. Please look at the following document, some areas may appear to be “death by Powerpoint” however i opted to keep all of the original content within the slides.

Please use as you wish, and Please SHARE!!

More to Come in the Future…


200 Days of Journal Entries

If you would like the actual Powerpoint Version, with slide transitions, etc., Send me an email and I will get it to you.

2-7-16 Journal Entry- Gary Klein’s 8 Steps to Making a Decision


Gary Klein’s 8 Steps to Making a Decision


  1. Size-up
  2. Typical (Is It What you Normally See?)
  3. Clues, Cues, and Expectations
  4. Mental Simulation
  5. Make a Decision
  6. Implement a Plan
  7. Evaluate your Plan
  8. Repeat if Needed


I Highly recommend you look at the books: Sources of Power, and the Power of Intuition, both by Klein.


Also look at this. 


2-6-16 Journal Entry- Forcible Entry and Elevators


Forcible Entry and Elevators


Following is from John Normans’ Fire Officers Handbook of Tactics 4th Edition regarding feeling for elevator shafts while conducting forcible Entry…


“Be aware of how the door opens and what that means. For example, if you are operating in the smoke-filled public hallway on the fourth floor of an apartment building, and you encounter a door that opens toward you, expect trouble. Normally, apartment doors open inward. Doors that open out to the public hall include janitors’ closets and elevators. I was at a fire as a captain, where two firefighters forced open an outward-opening door and then crawled into an elevator shaft. Fortunately, the elevator car was only two floors below. They only fell 10 feet! If you encounter an outward-opening door under these conditions, be sure that you aren’t about to crawl headfirst into an open elevator shaft.”