7-28-16 Run Down

A lot of Good Things Today…

Mayday Monday: Situational Awareness 

Say Goodbye To Your Good Guys

Firefighter Crisis In America – The Volunteer

Knowledge Is Power 

Fighting The Balloon Frame Construction Fire 

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7-23-16 Run Down

A Few Quick ones for you today…

Some Good Basic Info on Preconnect Hose Loads HERE

A Good Case Study on a Ground Ladder Rescue and the Need to stay :Combat Ready” HERE

A Good Video to Take and Learn From. Case Study of Sacramento Fire Mayday;

I Don’t Share a lot of Fire Porn on here, because everyone is different and has different thoughts, but this is a pretty good one from multiple angles, and has some good discussion points in it…

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7-2-16 Run Down

Back to Basics: Fireground Decon Drill HERE

What is Aggressive? HERE

The Back-Up Line HERE

How Much Air does a Hose Stream Entrain? HERE

A Quick Drill on the Elephants Cock (Deck Gun) HERE

A New, Downloadable Training Program “Situational Awareness on the Fireground” HERE

Remembering Hackensack (1988)

Take some time to honor the fallen “Hackensack 5” by studying and reviewing the incident. Here are some resources HERE, HERE, HERE

Cincinnati Releases LODD Report of FAO Daryl Gordon HERE, HERE is the Full Report

More Pure Gold Right Here…

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