The purpose of this website, is to provide a condensed version of the days Fire News and Fire Training articles and posts, all in one place. We will attempt to provide as many training resources and documents to keep you up to date, as well as keep you safe.

I also have provided a Reading list and Links tab, so you have access to even more blogs, websites, articles, and books.

The ‘Worth the Time‘ section will give you many more resources in the form of pictures, Videos and audio podcasts.

Our Drills Page gives you Downloadable drills for training, and kitchen table sessions. I am also in the process of uploading simulations in the form of video.

In the Documents page you will find countless reports, books, and articles all in PDF Format, so they can be downloaded and shared with others.

You can Track where we will be at next in our Upcoming Events page.

We will do all this while keeping to the name of the blog, PASS IT ON. Anything that comes across my desk, or that I see online, I want to Pass on to you and your troops.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.


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