August 2017 Fire Notes

August 2017 Fire Notes


How Do You Make It Personal?

How Do You Make it Personal? After All we owe it to THEM, The CIVILIANS!

Someone Recently asked me if there is anything I do to Study Fatal Fires in my State.

Below is the Powerpoint Format I use. I Try to make it as Personal as I can based on the Information Available online. NONE of these Particular Fires I was at, however Based on the Information I put myself there and Play What If’s. I Put in my own Different Factors (Staffing, Time of Day, Location of Fire, ETC…)

To Take it a Step Further I Look up the Actual Radio Traffic Using Broadcastify, Look up Pictures and Videos and Even Make Simulations.

So I ask you: What Do YOU Do to Make it Personal?

When Studying these Fires Look Particularly at: Fire and Smoke Conditions, Where the Victim was Found and In What Conditions they were in, Actions the Fire Department Did, and How it Affected the Rescue Effort.

We are NOT Bashing or Monday Morning Quarter-backing the Departments involved, Instead We are Trying to Learn from their Experiences!



2017 Civilian Fire Fatalities in Ohio

August Fire Notes


Below is another New Feature I am Trying out. It is Called “Fire Notes” a Collection of Notes, Tips, and Ticks, Quotes, Etc. that I pick up throughout the Month.

Take a Look at it Below and Let me know what You Think. If I Get Good Results with it, I will keep Posting these in the Future.

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Remembering Hackensack (1988)

Take some time to honor the fallen “Hackensack 5” by studying and reviewing the incident. Here are some resources HERE, HERE, HERE

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