2-24-16 Run Down

Some Good Stuff Today…

1. 2″ hose, The Middle Child of The Fire Service

2. Thoughts on NFPA 1700

3.  1-Man Commercial Force

4. The 21st. Century Firefighters Office: The 3Cs


2-11-16 Journal Entry- Variations of Leaders

Variations of Leaders

There are many Variations of Leaders but in reality there are really only 2 types


Leadership Through Authority and Position That Makes HIM Look Good


Leadership Through Caring and Providing Making THEM Look Good


“CARE” Is Not Only with Words But, More Profoundly Through Actions.

2-6-16 Journal Entry- Forcible Entry and Elevators


Forcible Entry and Elevators


Following is from John Normans’ Fire Officers Handbook of Tactics 4th Edition regarding feeling for elevator shafts while conducting forcible Entry…


“Be aware of how the door opens and what that means. For example, if you are operating in the smoke-filled public hallway on the fourth floor of an apartment building, and you encounter a door that opens toward you, expect trouble. Normally, apartment doors open inward. Doors that open out to the public hall include janitors’ closets and elevators. I was at a fire as a captain, where two firefighters forced open an outward-opening door and then crawled into an elevator shaft. Fortunately, the elevator car was only two floors below. They only fell 10 feet! If you encounter an outward-opening door under these conditions, be sure that you aren’t about to crawl headfirst into an open elevator shaft.”

2-4-16 Journal Entry- A Fire Alarm is a WORKING FIRE until Proven Otherwise, BY US!!


A Fire Alarm is a WORKING FIRE until Proven Otherwise, BY US!!


Don’t let the Cops, or the civilian, or anyone else tell you it’s a “Nothing call” Until you get there, In FULL PPE, and Verify for yourself.

There have been many examples lately of departments showing up to “verify a False Alarm”, open the front door and get hit with a heavy smoke condition.

Don’t let it happen to you!


Expect Fire!

Expect someone to be trapped!

Expect to have the Fire of your career on every run!


As a Case Study: Back in December, there was a 2 Alarm fire at a Extremely Large Warehouse (Almost 200,000 Sq. Ft.) in Columbus, Ohio, that was dispatched initially as a FIRE ALARM.



Don’t Get lulled into complacency! EXPECT FIRE!!!!!!!!

1-29-16 Journal Entry- Ventilation Quotes


Ventilation Quotes

2 great thoughts from a recent Podcast with Chief Kastors.

“No matter what type of Ventilation is occurring, a COORDINATED effort is absolutely the key…. The correct tactic applied at the incorrect time can be distrastous.”

“Coordinated fire attack has been the mantra of the fire service for hundreds of years. The failure to coordinate has been a RECENT problem due to the lack of understanding of fire behavior.”

Let me know what you think…


1-28-16 Journal Entry- What To Look At When Taking The Lap


What To Look At When Taking The Lap

  • Building Construction
  • Windows- (Open?)
  • Doors- (Open?)
  • Fire Location and Size
  • Layout of the house
  • Topography- (1 Story in front, 3 in the rear)
  • ANYTHING that will benefit the Outcome of the incident
    • Examples…Wires Down, More fire in the rear than in the front, People in the rear, Obstructions, etc…



1-27-16 Journal Entry- Out and About Drills


Out and About Drills

Take the time to have quick drills when:

  • Out and Above Driving (On or Off Duty)
  • When going to the Store for Food
  • When Clearing from Calls

Look at:

  • Construction Type
  • Doors & Locks
  • Hydrant Locations
  • Roof Types
  • If there was a fire here, how would we mitigate the incident
  • Where would we position


Take advantage of EVERY Call.

Every Call is a chance to look at one new building, go back to quarters a different way to look at streets and/or renovations.


1-26-16 Journal Entry- Steps To Take After The Fire Is Out (ROSS-TOSS)


Steps To Take After The Fire Is Out (ROSS-TOSS)

Not another acronym!!!!

This came from a Podcast by Anthony Avillo.

Actions for after the fire is out…


R- Roll call

O- Overhaul
S- Safety Survey (Safety Lap)

S- Secondary Search

T- Turn Property back to Owner

O- Origin and Cause Investigation

S- Salvage

S- System (Panel) Restoration


1-24-16 Journal Entry- 10 Commandments of the Fireground


10 Commandments of the Fireground

  1. Know the Enemy (The Fire)
  2. Know the Battleground (The Building)
  3. Know the Weapons and Tactics of War (Our Strategies and Tactics)
  4. Perform a full and ongoing size-up
  5. Stay ahead of the Incident Power Curve
  6. Communicate in a calm manor
  7. Give Clear Objectives
  8. Use ICS Early On
  9. Have Plans B, C, and D
  10. Have the Guts to Say NO


Much More Information HERE


Source: Chief Anthony Kastros


1-21-16 Journal Entry- It’s Gone Defensive… Now What?


It’s Gone Defensive… Now What?

  • Maintain and Expand the Collapse Zone (1.5 Times the Height of the Building)
  • Put away the smaller handlines to avoid “Hoseline Creep
    • Go Big or Go Home!
  • Use Spotters or the Safety Officer to Enforce the Collapse Zone

More Info HERE

Tomorrow we will take a look Operations after Failure of the Building…

1-18-16 Journal Entry- Steel Construction Points


Steel Construction Points

  • Steel will start to elongate at 1000F.
  • If Steel meets resistance, it will buckle or overturn
  • When heated above 1300F. … Yield point is reduced and it may fail and bring about total collapse
  • Steel is a good conductor of heat


Ask: “What’s the worst case scenario?”


Source: Brannigan’s Building Construction for the Fire Service