Reading List

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Fire Service Entrance Exam Preparation By: Arthur R. Couvillon

The Complete Fire Fighters Exam Preparation Book By: Norman Hall

Fire Fighting Basic Skills and Techniques By: Mike Ertel

Master the Firefighter Exam 15th Edition By: Arco

Fire Service Hydraulics By: Fred Shepperd

Fire Fighting Apparatus and Procedures 3rd Edition By: Lawrence W. Erven

Vehicle Rescue By: Harvey Grant

The Rescue Company By: Ray Downey

Firefighting By: Jack Gottschalk

Fire Trucks By: Henry Rasmussen

Pierce Fire Apparatus 1939-2006 By: Kent Parrish

Fire Engines By: Peter Henshaw

Fire Trucks in Action By: George Hall

Fighting Fire Trucks By: Larry Shapiro

Vehicle Extrication By: Steven J. Kidd

Report from Ground Zero By: Dennis Smith

Firefighting Strategies and Tactics By: James Angle

Firefighter Exam preparation flashcards By: Norman Hall

The Common Sense Approach to HAZ-MAT By: Frank L. Fire

Firefighter Exams By: Ronald R. Spadafora

Fire Equipment By: Ed Hass

The Last Men Out By: Tom Downey

The Fire inside By: Steve Delsohn

Fire Fighting Basic Skills and Techniques By: Mike Ertel

WTC in their own Words By: Harvey Eisner

Hook and Ladders By: Larry Shapiro

So others Might Live By: Terry Golway

Engine Company Fire Ground Operations 2nd edition By: Harold Richman

Fire Command By: Alan V. Brunacini

Fire Suppression Practices and Procedures By: Eugene Mahoney

Kirk’s Fire Investigation 3rd Edition By: John D. DeHaan

Investigating the Fireground By: Calvin Phillips

Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement 2nd Edition By: David Diamantes

Aerial Fire Trucks By: Larry Shapiro

Volunteer Training Officers Handbook By: W. Edward Buchanan

Volunteer Training Drills By: Howard A. Chatterton

Responding to Routine Emergencies By: Frank C. Montagna

The Final Fire By: Dennis Smith

Arson Investigation By: Robert E. Carter

Fire Department of New York Operational Reference By: James S. Griffiths

Crucible of Fire By: Bruce Hensler

Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics By: John Norman

Collapse of Burning Building By: Vincent Dunn

Firefighters By: Dennis Smith

Fire Engines & Fire Fighting By: David Burgess-Wise

First to the Flames the History of Fire Chiefs Vehicles By: Edward L. Peterson

Dennis Smith’s History of Firefighting in America By: Dennis Smith

Report from Engine co. 82 By: Dennis Smith

Fire Department Hydraulics By: Eugene F. Mahoney

Firefighter’s Handbook Essentials of Fire fighting and Emergency Response By: Delmar Thomson Learning

Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills By: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Fire Attack-1 By: Warren Y. Kimball

Effective Company Command By: James O. Page, J.D.

Engine Company Fireground Operations 3rd By: Harold Richman

Ladder Company Fireground Operations 3rd By: Harold Richman

The Complete Fire Fighters Exam Preparation Book By: Norman Hall

3000 Degrees By: Sean Flynn

Firefighting Strategy and Tactics By: Harry Carter

Last Man Down By: Daniel Paisner

Barron’s Firefighter Exams 5th Edition By: James J. Murtagh

Fire Notes- Fireground Size-up By: Bob Pressler

Firefighter Safety and Survival By: Don Zimmerman

Fallen Heroes By: Fire Engineering

Fire Service Hydraulics 2nd Edition By: Dick Sylvia

Firefighting Principles & Practices 2nd Edition By: William E. Clark

Fire Department Special Operations By: John Norman

Truck Company Operations By: John Mittendorf

High Rise fire & Life Safety By: O’Hagan

Strategic Concepts in Firefighting By: McAniff

Rope Rescue for Firefighting By: Ken Brennan

Modern Suburban Fire fighting By: Dick Sylvia

Building Construction Methods and Materials for the fire serevice By: Michael Smith

The Fire Chief’s Toolbox By: Ron Graner

Collapse of Burning Buildings Study Guide By: Vincent Dunn

Collapse of Burning Buildings By: Vincent Dunn

The Engine Company By: John Salka

Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground 2nd Edition By: James Smith

Haz-Mat Incidents Surviving the Initial Response By: Steven M. De Lisi

Introduction To Fire Science By: Loren S. Bush

Flammable Haz-Mat 3rd Edition By: Scott W. Kenley

Standard First Aid & Personal Safety 2nd Edition Bt: American Red Cross

Fireground Strategies 1st Edition By: Anthony L. Avillo

First In, Last Out Leadership Lessons from the FDNY By: John Salka

Situational Awareness Matters! By: Dr. Richard B. Gasaway

Investigating the Fireground 2nd Edition By: Calvin C. Phillipps

Risk Management in the Fire Service By: Steven S. Wilder

America Burning By: The National Commission on Fir

Fire Notes Firefighter Rescue & Rapid Intervention Teams By: FDTN

Truck Company Operations Training Drills By: FDTN

Igniting the Leader Within By: Michael F. Staley

Tools of the Trade By: Richard A. Fritz

Fire Officer Principles and Practices By: IAFC Jones & Bartlett

The Anatomy of Arson By: Harvey M. French

100 Years of America’s Firefighting Apparatus By: Phil Da Costa

Fireboats By: Paul Ditzel

Fire! At war with the red devil By: Thomas K. Wanstall

American Volunteer Fire Trucks By: Donald F. Wood

Heritage of Flames By: Donald J. Cannon

Fire Engines in North American By: Sheila Buff

The American Firehouse By: Rebecca Zurier

Rube’s Rules for Survival By: Dennis Rubin

Incident Management for the Street Smart Fire Officer By: John F. Coleman

Fire Officers Handbook of Tactics 4th Edition By: John Norman

Managing Major Fires By: John F. “Skip” Coleman

In the Mouth of the Dragon By: Deborah Wallace, Ph.D.

Rapid Intervention Teams By: Greg Jakubiwski

San Francisco Is Burning By: Dennis Smith

Building Construction for the Fire Service 2nd Ed. By: Francis L. Brannigan

Tools of the Trade By: Richard A. Fritz

Safety and Survival on the Fireground By: Vincent Dunn

The Fires By: Joe Flood

Heat By: Peter A. Micheels

Structural Firefighting By: Bernard J. “Ben” Klaene

Working Fire By: Zac Unger

Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills 2nd Edition By: IAFC/NFPA- Jones&Bar

Rube’s Rules for Leadership By: Dennis L. Rubin

Survival Skills for the Fire Chief By: Robert S. Fleming

Officers Guide to Fire Service EMS By: Gordon M. Sachs

Fire Notes: Firefighter Survival By: FDTN

The Day the MGM Grand Hotel Burned By: Deirdre Coakley

Fire Fighting Principles and Practices By: William Clark

Triangle By: David Von Drehle

Services Not Required By: John A. Calderone

Command and Control of Fires and Emergencies By: Vincent Dunn

Strong of Heart By: Thomas Von Essen

Catching Fire By: Gena K. Gorrell

Views from the Jumpseat By: Ryan Pennington

Fire Department Strategic Planning By: Mark Wallace

Timeless Tactical Truths By: Alan V. Brunacini

Firefighter Examination Study Guide By: Columbus Civil Service

Fire Engineering’s Handbook for Firefighter 1 and 2 By: Glenn Corbett

Drawn by Fire By: Paul Combs

Crew Resource Management for the Fire Service By: Randy Okray

Elevator and Escalator Rescue By: Theodore Lee Jarboe

Mastering the Fire Service Assessment Center By: Anthony Kastros

Pride and Ownership By: Rick Lasky

Fire Engineering Skill Drills for Firefighter 1&2 By: Fire Engineering

Fireground Strategies 2nd Edition By: Anthony Avillo

Hot Shots By: Harvey Eisner

Firefighter Rescue and Survival By: Richard Kolomay

Fire In America By: Paul Robert Lyons

The Romance of Firefighting By: Robert S. Holzman

Fire On The Mountain By: John N. Maclean

B-Shifter By: Nick Brunacini

Air Management for the Fire Service By: Mike Gagliano

Step up and Lead By: Frank Viscuso

Fireground Size-up By: Michael A. Terpak

From Buddy to Boss By: Chase Sargent

Public Safety Diving By: Walt “Butch” Hendrick

Truck Company Operations 2nd Edition By: John Mittendorf

30 Years on the Line By: Leo D. Stapleton

Fireground Tactics By: Emanual Fried

Firestorm at Peshtigo By: Denise Gess

Charleston is burning By: Daniel J. Crooks Jr.

Fire Strikes the Chicago Stock Yards By: John F. Hogan

Chicago Death Trap By: Nat Brandt

Legal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services By: Curtis J. Varone

Simple Advice By: James O. Page

The Great Fire of London By: David A. Weiss

Young Men and Fire By: Norman Maclean

Boston on Fire By: Stephanie Schorow

To Sleep with the Angels By: David Cowan

When the Bronx Burned By: John J. Finucane

Practice Scenarios By: Frank Viscuso

Fire engines Firefighters By: Paul C. Ditzel

Historic Fires of America By: Michael P. Dineen

Great American Fire Engines By: J. Mallet

Tom Brennan’s Random Thoughts By: Fire Engineering

Fireground Strategies Scenarios Workbook, 2nd Edition By: Anthony Avillo

Searching Smarter By: John “Skip” Coleman

The Fire Engine By: T.A. Jacobs

Great Fires of America By: Michael P. Dineen

An Illustrated Handbook of Fire Apparatus By: George Anne Daly

Fire Apparatus Fighting Fires By: Peter Aloisi

Returning to Quarters A History of Boston Fire Houses By: Richard Connelly

Pass it On By: Billy Goldfeder

Drawn By Fire 2 By: Paul Combs

Fire Service Pump Operator’s Handbook By: Warren E. Isman

Fire in the Grove By: John C. Esposito

Tinder Box By: Anthony P. Hatch

Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines By: John Lee Cook, Jr.

Creating a Fire-Safe Community By: Tom Kiurski

Vehicle Rescue and Extrication By: Ronald E. Moore

As You Pass By By: J. W. Hill

Fire Notes Stretching & Operating the First Line By: Tim Klett

Views From the Jumpseat Volume: 2 By: Ryan Pennington

Brannigan’s Building Construction for the Fire Service 4th By: Frank Brannigan

American Museum of Firefighting By: Denny Randall

By Hook & Ladder By: John J. Loeper

Incident Management for the Street Smart Fire Officer 2nd By: Skip Coleman

Five Alarm Leadership By: Rick Lasky & John Salka

Positive Pressure Attack for Ventilation and Fire Attack By: Kriss Garcia

25 To Survive By: Dan Shaw & D. Mitchell

Assessment Center Strategy and Tactics By: Michael A. Terpak

The Common Sense Approach to Haz Mat 3rd Edition By: Frank L. Fire

Vehicle Extrication: A Practical Guide By: Brian G. Anderson

Firefighting Operations in High Rise and Standpipe Equipped Buildings By: Dave McGrail

Firefighting during World War II By: Paul Ditzel

Company Officer 2nd Edition By: Clinton H. Smoke

Historic Fires of the West By: Ralph W. Andrews

Pictorial History of Firefighting By: Robert V. Masters

The History of Fire Engines By: John A. Calderone

The Complete Book of Fire Engines By: Paul C. Ditzel

Nine Months at Ground Zero By: Glenn Stout

The Age of Terror By: Paul Kennedy

No Easy Day By: Mark Owen

American Ground By: William Langewiesche

Fire Engines By: Rob Leicester Wagner

Fire Department City of New York The Braves 1985-2002 By: FDNY

The Fire Chief’s Handbook 5th Edition By: Thomas F. Brennan

Fireground Search By: Michael Bricault

The Combat Position By: Chris Brennan

Failure Point By: Howard J. Hill

Our Fireman By: Augustine E. Costello

FDNY By: Gus Johnson

The Esperanza Fire By: John N. Maclean

Ghetto Firefighter By: Harry J. Ahearn

Fighting Fire! By: Michael L. Cooper

Firefighting Strategy and Leadership 2nd Edition By: Walsh and Marks

Street Smart Firefighting By: Robert C. Bingham

Heavy Rescue Trucks 1931-2000 By: Paul Barrett

Collapse Operations for First Responders By: John O’Connell

Strategy of Firefighting By: Vincent Dunn

American Fire Engines since 1900 By: Walter McCall

Chief By: Chris Ganci

The American Fire Engine By: Hans Halberstadt

Trench Rescue By: C.V. “Buddy” Martinette

Introduction to Fire Science and Fire Protection By: William K. Bare

Balance of Assignment By: Leon Juarros, Jr.

The Aspiring Firefighter’s 2 Year Plan By: Paul S. Lepore

Fire Chief: Lessons Learned from Climbing the Ladder By: Ron Graner

Bagpipe Brothers By: Kerry Sheridan

The Art of Reading Buildings By: Mittendorf / Dodson

How to Prepare for the EMT Basic Exam By: Chief Will Chapleau

Forged in Fire By: Victor Bailey

Braving the Flames By: Peter A. Micheels

The Fire Inside By: Steve Delsohn

Report from Engine Co. 82 By: Dennis Smith

Smoke Jumpers By: Charles W. Sasser

Fire on the Rim By: Stephen J. Pyne

Fire and Civilization By: Johan Goudsblom

Young Men and Fire By: Norman Maclean

Life Lines By: Wayne Mutza

Images of America Seattle Fire Department By: Richard Schneider

The Fire Chiefs Handbook 3rd Edition By: James F. Casey

Fire Protection By: Eyre M. Shaw

Fire Officer’s Guide to Extinguishing Systems By: Charles W. Bahme

Firehouse Memorabilia By: James Piatti

The Science of Fighting Fire By: John J. McCarthy

Firehouse Memorabilia A Collectors Reference By: Chuck Deluca

Inventing The American Fire Engine By: M.W. Goodman, M.D.

General Alarm By: Charles F. Haywood

Footprints of Assurance By: Alwin E. Bulau

The Fire Engine By: Simon Goodenough

Questions and Answers for Firemen 2nd Edition By: Marvin L. Austin

Fires and Firefighters By: John V. Morris

Enclosure Fires 

 Fire Ventilation

Vehicle Extrication Techniques By: Ian Dunbar

Brotherhood By: Frank McCourt

Pumpers- Workhorse Fire Engines By: Larry Shaprio

The Fire Factory By: Harry J. Ahearn

The Illustrated History of Fire Engines By: Keith Ryan

Winning the Fire Service Leadership Game By: Hugh J. Caulfield

FDNY New York’s Bravest! By: George Hall & Thomas Wantall

Firefighter’s Handbook on Wildland Firefighting By: William C. Teie

A Firefighter’s Story By: Jerry E. Lindsay

Fire Captain Lieutenant Written Practive Exams 2nd Edition By: Arthur R. Couvillon

Principles of Fire Protection By: Arthur Cote & Percy Bugbee

Life Safety Code Handbook 6th Edition By: Ron Cotè

Hoarder Homes; Piles of Hazards for Firefighters By: Ryan Pennington



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